GT-E Defined: Styling Features

Among the qualities that make a GT-E unique are its stying features.  This page contains a summary of those features.

Exterior Features

Cougar GT-E Fender Badge

Nothing signifies the GT-E quite like its unique and  distinctive front fender emblems.  Each side featured a chromed running cat, facing forward, perched on top of a chrome placard frame, whose tri-colored decal (gold/black/red) said “7.0 Litre GT-E.”

CougarGT-E Grille

The vertical bar designed grille–that normally featured the “teeth” facings chromed, the sides argent, and the  background black–was completely blacked-out on the GT-E.  A distinctive brushed aluminum (with black center strip) horizontal trim bar was added to the grille, again, only on the GT-E.  The black-out was extended to the taillight grilles, which instead of having their “teeth” facings chromed, were now all black.

Cougar GT-E Molding

To help divide and separate the lower argent body paint line from the primary exterior color, an extruded aluminum molding was used.  It followed the lower body contour line from the base of the front bumper, over the wheel wells, across the door, and back along the rear quarter panel to the base of the rear bumper.  These moldings are also unique to the GT-E.

Cougar GT-E Exhaust Tips

The dual outlet exhaust tips were referred to by Lincoln-Mercury as “Quad Exhaust Pipe Outlets.”  These are also unique to the GT-E, and feature rolled-angle-cut ends with the chrome dual pipe portion extending down and under the rear valance.  These tips, about 18” long,  are known to have come either completely chromed, or only chromed on the forked tip end.  They are stamped with the FoMoCo oval and the part number.

Cougar GT-E Scoop Comparison

While all 427 power-dome hood scoops have the same part number, and all were said to have “simulated air inlets,” several have been found with the recessed inlet block-off panels removed.  None of these are believed to have come from the factory this way, as it makes no sense to open the scoop without having a hole through to the carb.  The 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air required a fully functional hood scoop.  Since the “R” code engine could be ordered without the GT-E package, this hood scoop is not unique to the  GT-E.

Interior Features

Cougar XR-7 GT-E Interior

GT-Es were available with any of five Cougar or XR-7 interior styles:

  • bucket seats, all vinyl
  • bucket seats, Decor Group vinyl (optional)
  • bench seat, Decor Group vinyl (optional)
  • bucket seats, leather with vinyl (standard on GT-E)
  • bucket seats, Comfort Weave vinyl (reduced cost on GT-E)

GT-E with the XR-7 leather and vinyl bucket seats.  Other XR-7 interior features include walnut grain dash, added instrumentation, accessory toggle switches, door pull straps, and additional courtesy lighting.  This car is also equipped with the optional sports console.

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