Mid-Year Changes

GT-E Defined: Mid-Year Changes

Since GT-Es, except prototype cars (that technically should have been destroyed, and not reached the hands of the general public), were produced beginning in January, 1968, they coincide with a number of other changes made in the Cougar line at that time.

Decor Group Change

Prior to 1/1/68, the Decor Group Option included:

  • Customer grade seat and door trim
  • Door mounted safety courtesy lights
  • Deluxe wheel covers
  • Windshield pillar and roof rail padding, and padding in front setback knee area
  • Rear seat armrests
  • Deluxe steering wheel with simulated wood grain upper half

After 1/1/68, the option was renamed the New Cougar Decor Group Option and the following items were added:

  • Cougar 302 V-8 engine
  • Bright curb molding
  • Levant vinyl (aka Laredo-vinyl) upholstery

At this same time, the New Cougar Decor Group became standard equipment on the XR-7, and remained optional on the standard Cougar.  This is important for GT-Es because they came in both standard (or base) Cougar and XR-7 versions.  Note however, that ordering a base Cougar with the GT-E option package and the New Decor Group Option, or ordering the XR-7 with the GT-E option resulted in substitutions and replacements:

  • Deletion of the bright curb molding
  • Deletion of the 302 V-8 engine (mid-year the base Cougar engine was changed from 302 V-8, back to 289 V-8, in order to meet the competition)

Other Notable Changes Beginning 1/1/68

Standard on XR-7
Regular Dlr Production
Dealer Optional
Visual Check Panel x        
Roof Console   x      
Battery Electrolyte Level Cap x        
Lower Dash Padding x        
R. H. Side View Mirror       x  
Front Shoulder Belts         x
Front/Rear Seat Belts         x
Rear Shoulder Belts x        
Regular Seat Belts   x      
New Deluxe Seat & Shoulder Belts     x x  
Front & Rear Bumper Guards     x x  
Bright Curb Moldings     x    
Rear Window Defogger       x  

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