Welcome to the 1968 Mercury Cougar GT-E Registry

Mercury Cougar GT-E

The Mercury Cougar GT-E Registry is a repository of data concerning the ownership, location and condition of all known 1968 Cougar GT-Es.  This registry is maintained exclusively for the use of GT-E “owners of record.”

Specifically, the Registry contains the names, addresses and telephone numbers of registered GT-E owners (unless withheld by request), as well as information about their cars.  Access to the data in the Registry enables owners to contact each other concerning parts, cars for sale and technical matters.

While there is no one place to find all of the answers to our many questions about these cars, the GT-E Registry attempts to provide as much information as possible.  Each GT-E survivor found and added to the Registry adds to our collective knowledge of this unique automobile.  So, if you own a GT-E, know somebody who owns one or have any other information about the whereabouts of a GT-E survivor, please contact me.

All leads are important.  Information about the GT-E that “old what’s his name used to own back in ‘72” may result in the discovery of another survivor or help us learn useful information about the history of these cars.  Any and all information you may be able to provide will be appreciated and pursued.

Best Regards,

Jim Pinkerton
GT-E Registrar